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Providing business consitancy services around the Swansea area, throughout South Wales and along the M4 corridor

EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Strategic Planning and Implementation

Many businesses ignore strategy and remain in what can only described as a dormant phase. This is largely due to time pressures and the ability to objectively review their businesses internally.

Planning and Implementation quite often Directors or Owner Managers have the ideas but fail to implement them because they are unable to take the necessary structured approach. Most strategic development is done in a piece meal way which often proves to be ineffective time consuming and costly.

Many plans do not get off the ground!

It is fundamental that businesses appraise their position if it is to achieve sustainability and profitability.

Large companies can afford strategic departments working on this discipline almost on a daily basis. The SME market place generally cannot.

We find more and more businesses are using companies such as ourselves to objectively look at Strategy on a basis, which gives focus and direction at an affordable cost with real benefits showing a bottom line return.

Let strategic planning manage your future so that others do not manage it for you.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company, alternatively partial or outright sale of a business.

When owners are considering their options for exiting their business because of retirement plans or for other reasons careful consideration has to given to the planning process.

Exiting can be a complex procedure if maximum value is to be achieved for the owner.

There are several routes which can be followed when preparing for the exit but the key aim is to have a business which has value to the owners at the point of exit. This maybe in the form of a share sale and thus gaining maximum capital value, managers or family taking over with a view to   preserving an income with or without selling the shares. However there are many scenarios which can develop.

This process is not an overnight event and it has to be planned carefully and the business has to be prepared in order for the shareholders to derive maximum benefit.

Our experience can take owners through these stages and help with what can be a difficult emotional and financial course of action.

Contact us to find out how EB Associates can help your business.

We will help you to get where you want to be.

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