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England, UK
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Providing business consitancy services around the Swansea area, throughout South Wales and along the M4 corridor

EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Marketing Strategies and Implementation

Marketing strategies in business are seen as key to their development however affordability and time resources often precludes many companies from using these services.

Marketing in Business We offer services, which are flexible and work alongside companies giving the level of support to fit in to the overall business parameters.

The service is geared to deliver quality backed by sound research and full delivery of branding and communication solutions.

New Brand Development

The innovative development of a brand and its concept are crucial and research is an integral part of giving the right information for the brand identity to be developed for the correct target audience.

Brand Identity

In order for a product or service to be a genuine contender in its market place it must have a powerful brand identity that can stimulate interest for your product over your competitors.

Brand Rejuvenation

Tired brands can sometimes fade with sales and fashions or simply haven't been designed for the correct target audience in the first place. The rejuvenation of brands can often mean the difference between a success and failure.

Research to Markets and Product Viability

Before a market can be penetrated by any product, or service, the information must be gained in order to gauge the return on investment that can be expected within that market place.

Strategic Planning

Having a good strategic direction is paramount in any project and must be devised in order to fit in with the overall corporate objectives of your company and drive a credible communications plan.

Communication Planning

Communicating your well researched message if planned correctly can be the foundation of your future business success and can allow you a credible way to measure a return on your investment. Get it wrong and you may just as well be talking to the wall!

E Commerce

The World Wide Web and digital revolution have taken the business world by storm over the last ten years, literally changing the way we do business. Too many companies see it as a magic wand. Expecting it to cost effectively transform their business fortunes, it is not. We have first hand experience of integrating E Commerce communications and marketing tools into traditionally sound business plans. We also can decide whether the new cutting edge technology and communication tools are right for your business and your target audience.


We surround ourselves with the best designers in South Wales.

Sub Contracting Print

Our background in print solutions spans over 20 years.

Distribution Planning & Delivery

Getting your message to your target audience efficiently and accurately is crucial.

Side Service Elements

We work with Web Development Consultants, have a PR and Copywriting Service and can commission photographers for press, product and general photography.

The Service

Using our Marketing Consultant brings to your business vast experience in public, private sectors, B2B and Retail environments.

Contact us to find out how EB Associates can help your business.

We will help you to get where you want to be.

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