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Insolvency - Corporate Recovery

When a business experiences financial difficulties it is critical to understand the problems and possible solutions as early as possible. Analysing the current business and options for the future are all part of the decision making process. Quite often timely decisions preserve relations with creditors, suppliers, customers and banks which otherwise would be difficult to retrieve.

Assisting business Recovery can be achieved in many ways; exploring all the options through the normal business planning techniques provides a far better outcome than carrying on hoping for problems to right themselves through good fortune.

Business difficulties can create enormously complicated times both operationally and emotionally that is why an external objective view provides the empathy and professional understanding needed to plan a strategic course of action.

We are experienced in many aspects of turnaround and the rescue of under performing businesses.

Where a rescue is not possible, a full range of insolvency procedures can be considered.

Our experience has been acquired from hands on knowledge and assignments, which cover all industry sectors within SME organisations.

Our objectives are to provide positive and cost effective solutions, a professional, personal and compassionate service.

Our advice is clear, impartial and unambiguous, designed to protect the interests of all those involved. This approach produces speedy and concise solutions to both personal and corporate business problems.

We are committed to finding the best way forward for the business or the individual using the benefits of turnaround if possible. Whatever the recommended course of action, we always ensure fairness to all parties.

Through our many years of experience we understand the traumas faced by company directors, partners, individuals and creditors, when under extreme financial pressure.

Although not insolvency practitioners, we have strong relationship within the professions, which enables us to seek appropiate advice to ensure we follow the ethical guidelines set out by the regulatory professional bodies.

If an insolvency procedure is the way forward, through our professional contacts, we can offer the following services to assist companies or individuals in the following areas:

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). Formal agreement with creditors non corporate.


Corporate Voluntary Arrangements (CVA). Formal agreement with creditors corporate.

Determine the best course of action in the liquidations of insolvent companies, to realise assets and effect closure. Voluntary as instructed by the shareholders or compulsory as instructed by the company's creditors.

Assist an administrator or receivers of a company in order to assess the future viability and act accordingly.

Advising the clients on restructuring businesses to protect future trading, going concern status and against insolvency.

Assisting business in difficulty to take measures for recovery and rescue.

"Insolvency Practitioners are keen to find turnaround solutions. EB Associates are often the catalyst in this process" Lane Bednash - Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with David Rubin & Partners in London

Contact us to find out how EB Associates can help your business.

We will help you to get where you want to be.

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