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EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Business Development - Company Start-ups - Business Plans

Whether the business is well established, going through a process of change or in the early stages of start up, business planning is an essential tool to assist in the decision making processes and collate information relevant to the business objectives. It also provides essential reading for potential investors including banks and funding agencies.

Business planning is an ongoing process and should be reviewed on a regular bases. Twice per year is a minimum and maybe more frequently if appropriate to the type of business.

Business plans must be seen as a tool to present a current assessment of the business as well as give direction for development and growth. It is necessary to have an up to date business plan in order to secure funding, ranging from an overdraft facility, bank loan, grants through to venture capital funding.

It is important to take into account who the reader is when writing the business plan.

Why Use EBassociates?

Very often directors and owner managers are immersed in the day-to-day duties of running their business. Some times the business needs an impartial external overview to establish the main issues within.

Time pressures also mean objectives are not achieved, as current issues are more urgent. A professional approach is often needed to ensure the presentation and true focus is being stated.

EB associates will have practical advice and contacts with external agencies such as banks, funders and government departments.

Through experienced professionals with direct experience of running businesses, empathy with the owner/managers is frequently achieved, this ensures ownership of any plan remains in-house and has ongoing practical benefits.

Business planning is broken down into several key categories including company background, management organisation, products and services, marketing and financial models etc. Each business's need is unique and it is our experience that assists in developing the right plan for the owner/manager as well as the external reader.

The purpose of the plan is to achieve the goals and objective including aspirations of the business through its managers who are there to drive it forward.

Contact us to find out how EB Associates can help your business.

We will help you to get where you want to be.

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