EB Associates
Thornbury, Bristol,
England, UK
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fax 01554 891 508
web www.ebassociates.co.uk

Providing business consitancy services around the Swansea area, throughout South Wales and along the M4 corridor

EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Administration and Process Development - Company Restructure & Continuous Business Improvement

In EBassociates we have had extensive experience in advising, analysing and implementing change activities designed to increase productivity thereby encouraging growth within a number of organisations.

Enablers in Business

Our approach is very simple. We apply common sense when looking at potential areas where business productivity is being constrained. We adopt a combination of the Crosby Total Quality Management techniques, which were the catalyst for the EFQM Model. In short we introduce enablers which consist of the correct type of leadership for a given situation or group and then by involving people, policies and the company strategy along with recommending how to form meaningful partnerships with suppliers to maximise the resources available, we start to look at the processes.

In looking at the processes we adopt many of the techniques commonly referred to as World Class, and assist the organisation to make changes based on measured outcomes.

The results phase of the activities we have been involved in have always involved the workforce and the customer's needs. By customer we mean both internal and external to the organisation.

We have assisted several companies where there has been a demonstrable improvement in the business performance in many cases showing itself as significant bottom line performance.

Virtual Secretarial Services

We supply a fast reliable and cost effective means to providing a virtual secretarial service to suit all business needs whether you are a large international company or an individual entrepreneur operating from your home office. Our service operates mainly via e-mail.

Contact us to find out how EB Associates can help your business.

We will help you to get where you want to be.

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