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Providing business consitancy services around the Swansea area, throughout South Wales and along the M4 corridor

EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Business Profile

Since graduation, Edward Ball developed a wealth of international experience as an Operations Manager with internationally recognised companies such as Shell UK and Mobil Oil. After 10 years in this role, he returned to South Wales and started working in senior roles for local companies varying in size and market sector with turnovers ranging from 1-12 million GBP. Over the next 10 years he began to understand the problems faced by such companies and was able to help develop these businesses, resulting in much-improved bottom lines and enhanced shareholder value.

Following this period Edward took on the running of companies as a shareholder and Managing Director. At this stage it became clear that being an employee and gaining experience generally in business was no substitute for actually being there and doing it. The day-to-day issues in a business can be overwhelming and have to be tackled with a degree of finesse. Running a company with an individual stake can create immense personal and financial pressures, which then results in a 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week involvement. Along with his success in these businesses he also experienced market forces brought about by the strength of the pound and the dangers of becoming exposed to certain markets and clients. These experiences have given Edward a vital insight into the key factors of success and failure that can be experienced within business.

It became very apparent that the day-to-day duties of small-to-medium sized businesses often restrict the ability to focus on the strategic issues and decision making processes that are required to achieve success. In 1985 Edward formed EB Associates. However, it was not until the above experiences were gained that the real benefit of the consultancy could be brought to SME'S.

EB Associates now provide a comprehensive range of services, within a wide range of businesses, backed by real experience and professionally qualified personnel. This, coupled with an extensive network of contacts and external partners, has seen the business grow - to the added benefit of clients both large and small.

Most small-to-medium sized companies cannot afford to employ individuals who have the skills and knowledge that EB Associates will provide. If businesses did employ such individuals it is unlikely to be cost-effective, as their abilities would not be required on a full-time basis.

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