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Business Funding - including Debt and Equity

Businesses need finance for many reasons such as start up, stabilisation or growth. There are numerous financial products available to businesses, including traditional banking, invoice discounting, stock finance, asset funding and venture capital funding. Appropriate products need to be selected according to your company's requirements.

Funding sources including Banks and Grants. With our network of contacts developed over the years we can provide structured funding solutions from a range of sources including banks private fund sources and grants.

Our funding packages are designed to suit individual business requirements, such as generating consistent cash flow, funding business opportunities such as the purchase of new plant & machinery or mergers and acquisitions finance.

Asset based finance

We can review the business's debtors and tangible asset base. Depending on the business needs we will match these against the funding requirements normally derived from the financial forecasts. Examples of asset funding include stock, fixed assets, sales ledger (including factoring) and freehold property. Money raised can be used for a variety of purposes to improve the overall cash flow of the business.

Bank Funding

Bank lending is frequently the traditional form of raising funds within a business and often becomes the first port of call. Banks offer many products these days from overdraft to term lending. When accessing the bank manager it is critical the presentation of the lend justification is appropriate to the needs and the current banking arrangements.

"EB Associates' insight into SME's can bridge the gap between the bank and the business" Local Business Manager - Barclays Bank - Cardiff

Brumark Ruling

The press and finance professionals are commentating on the implications of the Brumark ruling and how it is likely to impact on the ongoing funding for businesses.

The ruling states that in most instances banks cannot have a fixed charge on debtors. This means that the proceeds of debtor realisations will be classified as a floating charge, thus allowing money realised in a business failure to be firstly used to pay preferential creditors. This will potentially be a serious reduction in the security available to a bank.

As a result the banks are more likely to require personal guarantees for loans and finance.

This could make factoring and invoice discounting a more attractive proposition to Directors and Owner Managers.

Although banks will not be pleased with this ruling the effect on them is yet to be measured however it is likely they will probably be more caution before any finance is agreed.

Asset Funding

There are several forms of asset funding including lease purchase, lease rental and refinance all of which provide a route to raising capital for the purpose of buying anything from office equipment through to manufacturing plant and machinery. There are a variety of fund providers in the marketplace all offering packages to suit the particular business circumstances.

Lending can be based on criteria such as asset value through to company balance sheet profile with lenders in the prime and sub-prime market place. Which means access to funding is available both to the business with a good financial track record and individuals plus companies who may have county court judgements appearing against them.

Grants and Public Body Funding

There are many schemes for sole traders, partnerships and companies' to assist them in generating the local and national economy. These schemes range from financial assistance in term lending where security is an issue right through to capital and employment grants up to 50% of spend depending on geographical location and circumstances. Grant applications and access to public body funding can be difficult to access but our experience ensures the right commercial approach to receive maximum benefit.

Also available are mezzanine funding packages which can combine debt with equity where external partners are looking for growth and exit routes.Ideal for businesses in a start up expansion situation.

Assembly Investment Grants.

Single Investment Fund (SIF), Grants are available through the Welsh Assembly government. The process is relatively fast track and is ideal for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies to acquire assets with the support of a substantial grant contribution.We assist in the application process saving the business time and expense.


In some cases access to funding can be fairly straight forward where the fund providers will require limited information to allow them to make a commercial assessment, in these situations we will make the most suitable introductions depending on the business and Director's/Manager's needs.

Often funding is a complex issue and requires all the business planning skills either in part or whole. Viability in a business is critical together with the ability to service the debt. So it is important the decision processes are carefully looked at to ensure the correct type of finance is raised and the reasons for increasing the borrowings are valid.

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