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Case Studies

Domiciliary Care

Running a care company needs particular skills to deal with the core issues as well as having the necessary business acumen and systems to be successful. Many companies are founded on experience but failure to have a correct business model often leads to problems as the business develops. We have assisted a number of care companies helping them to become more profitable and generate new business.

Approximate turnover of these companies - £1 million

Raise Finance £ Cash-flow Issues

A company was struggling with cash-flow issues. We were able to raise £160,000 within 2 weeks. We provided financial forecasts to assist in a much needed bank change, with the new bank offering additional overdraft facilities and a loan through the Small Firms Loan Guarantee scheme.

Approximate turnover of this company - £2 million

Business Acquisition

A group company operation reviewed its development and strategic plans with a view to creating further expansion. It was concluded the most appropriate method of growth was by acquisition. The target company was identified and the business subsequently purchased giving the acquiring company up to £0.5m additional turnover. Assistance in business planning and funding were also provided. Advantage was also taken of government grant availability

Approximate turnover of this company - £5 million

Company Restructure £ Growing Business

A business was operating as a Sole Trader with no real management systems. The business was growing and needed reorganising. Staffing, systems, management information etc. were all reviewed and changed, and the business was transferred into limited entity status.

Approximate turnover of this business - £600,000

Sales Growth - Market Research

A company needed sales growth to meet its break-even sales volumes. Market research was undertaken, and customers were targeted, resulting in regular sales and an increased order book. This company is now working with good-quality customers.

Approximate turnover of this company £750,000

Business Improvement Process

A 50-year-old manufacturing company based in North London, with good reputation had been taken over by a large multinational conglomerate. They had ventured into the automotive sector, but after two years they were barely breaking even month o month. We were called in to take a lead in their business improvement process. After 6 months they were making £60k profit month on month. After 12 months this was increased to £100k per month on month, with an increased market share, 3 major new customers and substantially increased turnover. This work was commended by the CBI and published in the London Evening Standard.

Approximate turnover of this company: £7.5 million

Sale of a Business

A business based in the South of England wanted to sell off an unwanted division. The division was reviewed and it was decided if it was maximise its potential in a sale situation it had to increase profitability. We found additional clients for the owners which had the effect of increasing turnover and bottom line. This was achieved over a period of 18 months. At this stage it was felt the business was in a better position to be sold. Market research was carried out and potential buyers sought. Following successful negotiations the business was sold allowing the directors to concentrate on their core expertise.(ref tt/st)

Approximate turnover of this company: £1.0 million

Business Diagnostics

The owner of two separate companies was retiring with no succession plan. A business diagnostic was carried resulting in a management buy-out.

Approximate turnover of these businesses £140,000 - £400,000

Expansion Programme

An existing print business decided to expand into the full colour print production process. In doung so it was decided to form a seperate company and introduce a second shareholder. The new business invested in approximately £200,000 worth of capital equipment. A business plan was produced with forecasts.Funding was put into place with £ 42,000 raised using the Assembly Investment Grant process.

Approximate turnover of the businesses £400,000


We are currently working with one of the local public sector enterprise agencies in Wales. This is an initiative to assist the SME sector with their marketing efforts using telemarketing as a delivery mechanism. This project and subsequent service will be available to all businesses.

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Commercial Evaluation in the Public Sector.

We are working with several publicly funded organisations to review their commercial operations. We are able to evaluate the 'in-house' business to maximise its efficiency as well as reviewing the viability of separating it out into a full commercial profit making operation. Alongside this we explore increased market opportunities which may be unavailable to the business under the publicly funded umbrella.

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