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Providing business consitancy services around the Swansea area, throughout South Wales and along the M4 corridor

EB Associates is a trading name of EBA Consulting Ltd.
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Businesses for Sale

Many owners and shareholders fail to plan an exit strategy of their businesses resulting in enforced decisions when circumstances dictate them finishing through retirement or other reasons.

Generally in these circumstances the business does not realise its full sale potential if indeed it realises it at all. We provide a hands-on, bespoke service to retained clients acting in their interest to determine the best course of action in order to realise maximum value for the business.

We do not act as a brokerage or transfer agency. We work closely with clients from the initial stages through to the completion of the sale. We work closely with the businesses own advisors if appropriate; we offer full professional and practical advice and support.

We try to understand the strategy of the owners together with the timescale in which they wish to operate. We identify the weaknesses and strengths of the current business and prepare information for potential purchasers to realise the opportunities available.

Businesses for Sale

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Manned Guarding & Electronic Security

Reference: RSMT008

A fast-growing, privately-owned manned guarding group with national coverage and a strong management team that is committed to growing the business, both organically and via acquisition. The company... More details and related documents

Consumer or Business Finance

Reference: RSMT009

A provider of high quality financial products for both business and personal customers, including consumer finance products relating to motor vehicles, motorcycles and caravans and business finance... More details and related documents

Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

Reference: RSMT010

An AIM-listed company specialising in the design and production of scientific instruments whose current activities include fire testing, ultra-high vacuum, fibre optic testing, electron microscopy and... More details and related documents

IT Recycling

Reference: RSMT011

A high-calibre individual with significant IT industry experience, having held senior board positions at global IT and consumer-driven corporations including HP, Compaq and Canon has private equity... More details and related documents

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Featured Opportunities

IFA Services
Reference: RSMT002

A well-funded authorised regional Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) business operating throughout the UK, providing a full range of high quality advice and service that complement both private...

Industrial Manufacturing/Distribution
Reference: RSMT006

An experienced individual who has previously built and run a FTSE 100 industrial conglomerate is aiming to build a substantial family business group in the long-term. They have considerable experience...